Posted by bwc on November 08, 2011

By Jim Waugh:

“The only way you can reduce your risks of over-exposure is by understanding what EMR is and how it can compromise your health. All of these factors should be considered when you are planning to build a new home or do a major renovation of your existing one. Designing a floor plan and electrical plan to avoid electromagnetic and geomagnetic hotspots in the home is a straightforward process. As well, there are hundreds of toxic chemicals used in building and decorating materials, furnishings and household cleaning products that lead to many of the symptoms and diseases associated with EMR. There have been reported cases of toxic chemicals triggering sensitivities to electromagnetic fields and vice versa. Tens of thousands of harmful chemicals in the products we come in contact with have not been adequately tested for safety, let alone the myriad combinations. This means that our risks of a triggered sensitivity in polluted environments can be very high.”  Learn more:  http://www.emfsafehome.com/protectyourself.html


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